Enterprise telecommunications software developer Mutare announced today a key partnership agreement with Connexient, developer of hospital-based digital mapping and wayfinding solutions. The agreement sets the stage to integrate Mutare’s secure Vital Link™ notification system with Connexient’s MediNav™ rich indoor mapping platform to launch the first-ever, HIPAA-compliant hospital navigation app with full smart notification integration.

Utilizing indoor positioning technology and EHR integration, the new MediNav Communicator Edition enables hospitals to deliver a superior patient experience while optimizing operational efficiency. When deployed on patients’ smartphones, the white label hospital app provides:

  • Auto-generated appointment reminders linked to home-to-office navigation, resulting in a significant reduction in missed or late appointments;Connexient
  • Automatic detection and prompt for indoor route mapping when the user enters a facility, assuring a stress-free transit;
  • Dynamic “blue dot” confirmation of the user’s location en route with auto-alerts of nearby significant places within the facility;
  • Automatic pre-arrival notification sent to the medical office reception when the patient is nearing;
  • Pre-appointment mobile check-in that minimizes patient wait time while maximizing efficient care delivery;
  • Event and/or location-based alerts and reminders, such as prescription ready notifications;
  • Delivery of post-discharge medication/appointment reminders and self-care instructions for better care outcomes and reduced re-admissions;
  • Ongoing patient engagement through secure messaging of relevant information, including links that encourage use of the EMR patient portal. Patient participation in their own care management assures better outcomes for the patient and closer compliance with Meaningful Use standards for the healthcare provider.

“Connexient is delighted to work with Mutare to bring HIPAA-compliant communications to MediNav,” said Mark Green, CEO of Connexient. “This not only will enable us to electronically remind patients about an upcoming appointment, but also provide “End-to-End” wayfinding directions right to their appointment location inside the hospital. In addition to greatly enhancing the patient experience, this will also provide hospitals a direct ROI by reducing appointment no-shows.”

Mutare President Ben Crown adds, “Through this partnership we are redefining what truly superior patient care looks like. The integration of HIPAA-compliant patient notification and wayfinding takes patient engagement to a new level, helping to improve outcomes and lower healthcare delivery costs.”

The agreement establishes Mutare as an OEM development partner and reseller for Connexient applications.

The joint solution is scheduled for release in Q3, 2014.

For further information, contact Mark Green at mgreen@connexient.com

About Mutare

Mutare’s communication solutions foster better patient engagement and regulatory compliance delivering competitive advantage for Accountable Care Organizations. Mutare’s unified messaging, smart notification and contact center services help healthcare organizations reduce costs, improve clinical collaboration and streamline workflow. For more information visit www.mutarehealthcare.com.

About Connexient

Connexient is dedicated to creating innovative indoor mapping, digital wayfinding and location-based services solutions for healthcare and other enterprise verticals to improve the patient and visitor experience, increase staff and operational productivity, and reduce costs. For more information visit connexient.com