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HIPAA Compliance

Mutare delivered exactly what we needed, incredibly fast, absolutely affordable and operationally bulletproof.

— Mutare Customer


With the inevitable growth of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) use comes the challenge of maintaining HIPAA compliance. Every text message sent between physicians and every email sent to patients can be protected from privacy breaches with a secure and flexible BYOD strategy.

At Mutare Health, an active HIPAA compliance program is at the heart of every BYOD strategy and communications solution. It’s a given, and an ongoing process that calls for more than a simple compliance checklist. As regulations change and new threats are identified, no other platform and partner is better positioned to protect Healthcare communications like Vital Link™ and Mutare Health.


Mutare Health is committed to maintaining an active HIPAA compliance program to ensure peace of mind and operational integrity.

  • Ongoing privacy training
  • Thorough documentation of policies and procedures
  • Third party vending and verification of activities
  • Business associate agreements for customers and vendors