IVR (Interactive Voice Response)



Vital Link™ is taking Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to the next level. With Vital Link™, it’s not just about making automated voice response possible, it’s about enhancing the accuracy, quality, and content of the message.

Vital Link™ IVR can be used to automate a wide range of workflows including appointment reminders, patient surveys, care team support, and much more. With the experienced team of developers at Mutare Health, IVR programs can be tailor-made to meet specific goals and needs. By automating call response centers, Vital Link™ IVR improves efficiency, saves staff time, and enhances patient engagement through critical data collection.

The Benefits Of IVR

  • Rapid ROI through automation of time-consuming manual processes
  • Quicker access to information for improved decision-making
  • Increased accuracy of data collections
  • Improved customer service

The Benefits Of IVR With Mutare Health

  • IVR platform implementation: Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mutare, etc.
  • Application development: Speech recognition, speech to text, and text to speech
  • Web development and integration between IVR applications and data sources
  • IVR tuning and audits
  • Reporting development between IVR and reporting platform