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Vital Link™In a reversal of its five-year ban on health information sharing through text messaging, the Joint Commission recently gave the go-ahead for the delivery of medical orders via text message, “as long as a secure text messaging platform is used and the required components of an order are included.”

The pronouncement, published in the JCAHO May Perspectives newsletter, was welcome news to the product development team at Mutare, a company that has built a reputation for innovative, cost-effective enterprise messaging solutions that answer the specific and sometimes complex needs of its business and healthcare clients. Among those applications is Vital Link, a secure, cloud-based platform that combines two-way secure messaging, mass/group notification, and patient engagement tools in one simple and cost-effective application.

Vital Link meets all of the requirements outlined by JCAHO for approved secure messaging solutions, including:

  • A secure sign-on process
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Delivery and read receipts
  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Full audit tracking including event, date, and time stamp
  • Customized message retention timeframes
  • Specified contact list for individuals authorized to receive and record orders

However, Vital Link takes secure messaging to a higher level through its unique multi-user messaging capabilities, allowing care team members to participate in secure text conversations (including file and photo sharing) collaboratively from their mobile devices for quicker issue resolution and workflow efficiency.

Customers who purchase Vital Link for its secure messaging capabilities can also take advantage of the application’s built in patient engagement tools (appointment reminder, post-discharge follow-up, etc.) and group notification feature (code alerts, facility lock-down notification, weather alerts, patient surge preparation etc.). Vital Link is a single platform messaging system that helps consolidate communications cost and complexity.

“For features, functionality and affordability, there is no other application that comes near what Vital Link offers,” says Mike Sorensen, President, Mutare Healthcare. “We were way in front of the curve, having focused our time and expertise over the past several years developing an enterprise-grade messaging solution that is highly secure yet extremely simple to use. It is gratifying to know that JCAHO has affirmed our belief that this is the future of communication within the healthcare environment.”

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