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Mutare is nearing completion of a revolutionary, all-in-one Smart Notification solution that delivers powerful mass notification capabilities, secure two-way communication, and customizable customer engagement tools in a single, easy-to-operate platform.


Vital Link™

“Vital Link is the enterprise solution that gets the right message to the right person at the right time,” says Ben Crown, Mutare President, “and it’s no wonder Mutare is the company that’s able to bring it to market considering our decades of leadership in innovative notification applications development.”

In the enterprise notification arena, Mutare is well-known for its multi-channel mass notification applications for broadcasting group notifications in voice and text, and for its recent release of a secure, 2-way secure communication for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Mutare is also well-known for its outbound IVR solutions including outcall reminders and survey systems. The release of Vital Link 2.0 combines the capabilities of all three solutions into one powerful package, and for a cost that is less than competing single-capability systems.

Vital Link™The Vital Link solution leverages cellular and Wi-Fi networks for speed (up to ten times faster than a pager) and reliability, significantly reducing time between message delivery and message response. Robust reporting capabilities combined with closed loop tracking contribute to improved workflow and regulatory compliance.

It can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud working with all phone and business information systems. With its web-based interface, Vital Link provides users with one-click access to each of three functionalities depending on the specific messaging need.

Vital Link 2.0 will be released for General Availability in March, 2013. For more help, including design and discovery, quotes, demonstrations and meeting support, contact Mike Sorensen at 847-496-9055 or by email at msorensen@mutare.com

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