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Mutare, Inc. announced today general availability of Vital Link™, a secure HIPAA compliant message solution that provides workflow and productivity enhancements. This secure 2-way hosted communication mobile platform replaces pagers for critical healthcare, government and business communication applications.

Vital Link™Vital Link leverages smartphone technology offering distinct advantages over pagers eliminating the need for carrying multiple devices, supporting broadcast communications, database integration, HIPAA compliance and closed loop tracking and reporting.

Features and Benefits:

  • Secure 2-Way Messaging: Provides immediate closed loop message acknowledgement with one click, eliminating the need for return phone calls and overcoming pager’s greatest shortcoming. Supports centralized call center initiation as well as secure text messaging between devices.
  • Track and Trace Messaging: Supports closed loop communication with no more missed pages. Records a complete audit trail of received messages and response times.
  • Alarm Support: Automated message broadcast triggered by a machine generated alarm.
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi Data: Delivers encrypted messages over cellular and Wi-Fi networks ensuring secure communication without needing to rely on SMS messaging.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Closed loop system is HIPAA compliant.

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