Rolling Meadows, IL – Mutare Health, a Strategic Business Partner of Mutare, Inc., recently signed a partnership agreement With SonarMD™, LLC, to complete the development and launch of a data-driven, patient engagement care management system for practices specializing in patients with chronic gastrointestinal disease.

The Sonar Platform, developed by noted Gastroenterologist Lawrence Kosinski, MD, MBA, supports a cloud-based algorithmic process for analyzing and responding to changes in a patient’s health status through the ongoing use of electronic health assessment surveys. The patient’s response (or lack of response) to the surveys provides a health status score that alerts the physician to possible downward trends that could be reversed with early intervention, resulting in fewer hospitalizations and better overall care outcomes.

The partnership agreement will add the power of Mutare Health’s HIPAA-compliant Vital Link patient engagement tools and secure mobile communication capabilities to the SonarMD™ Platform. As an equity partner, Mutare Health will also support the venture with financial, administrative and operational management resources as well as a national sales network capable of rapid to-market delivery.

“We believe this is the future of chronic disease management,” says Tracey Powell, Founder, Mutare Health. “By combining Dr. Kosinski ‘s vision, depth of clinical experience, decision support technology, and industry relationships with Mutare Health’s powerful patient engagement technology and operational infrastructure, we are truly bringing effective population health to life.”

The SonarMD™ system can be used stand-alone or added to a practice’s EMR as a secure Web window, allowing the physician to seamlessly toggle between the patient EMR records and the Population Health tool on the SonarMD™ site. It will be made available initially to Gastroenterology practices dealing with inflammatory bowel disease but will eventually be expanded to practices specializing in the management of other complex GI disorders.

About Mutare Health

Mutare Health, a Strategic Business Unit of Mutare Inc., is connecting people and health information in meaningful ways that improve the quality of care. By providing hospitals, physicians groups, and care providers with the communications technology needed for stronger care team collaboration, Mutare Health is helping to build a better Healthcare experience for patients and professionals. For more information visit or call 847-496-9000.

About SonarMD™

SonarMD™, an Elgin Illinois based Delaware LLC, is committed to the development of Care Management Algorithms for the management of patients with chronic disease. Its leadership team combines some of the nation’s top leaders in clinical medicine with the technology strength of Mutare, Inc. Together they intend to bring the leadership and tools for providers to succeed in Population Health. or call 847-370-8878.