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On Tuesday, March 5, Mike Sorensen, President of Mutare Healthcare, will be presenting “The Future of Closed Loop Secure Communications” at the HIMSS conference in booth 5019 at 10:30 AM. The presentation will cover Mutare’s revolutionary Vital Link Suite, a one-of-a-kind healthcare communication system that replaces antiquated pagers, mass notification and outcall IVR systems with a single, cost-effective platform.

“Vital Link is truly a game changing communication technology for clinical collaboration, pager replacement and hospital employee notification,” said Sorensen.

HIMSS13Today’s hospitals are maintaining multiple, disparate, one-way communications systems that create potential problems in patient care because there is no mechanism to assure that messages are received and understood. Vital Link closes that communication loop, enabling secure, two-way, HIPAA complaint communication between clinicians. The Vital Link solution leverages cellular and Wi-Fi networks for speed and reliability, significantly reducing time between message delivery and message response. Robust reporting capabilities combined with closed loop tracking, contribute to improved workflow and regulatory compliance.

The 2-way communications platform utilizes a secure client on smartphones and tablets to replace one-way alphanumeric pagers that, according to the Journal of Surgical Education, are a potential source of medical errors. The approach solves the single device dilemma for clinicians while, at the same time, reduces paging costs by up to 50%.

In addition to clinical collaboration, the system is also capable of replacing patient-engagement IVR systems that automate appointment reminders, surveys, and collection of required feedback for adverse event and medication compliance reporting.

Vital Link also supports group and mass messaging for both emergency and everyday employee notifications such as personnel recalls, patient surge alerts, code alerts, shift management, disaster recovery and business continuity communications. The application synchronizes with the hospital LDAP and can reach employee PCs and mobile devices through multiple channels, including voice, email and SMS, and can even leverage RSS and social networks for mass communication.

“In short, Vital Link delivers secure 2-way communication, customizable customer engagement tools and powerful mass notification in a single, easy-to-operate platform, and all at a cost less than most hospitals today are paying for just one of those features,” said Rich Quatttrocchi, Director of Marketing for Mutare. “Hospitals are able to justify the cost for Vital Link by simply replacing their obsolete one-way pager systems, and essentially they get the system for free, with ongoing savings that go directly the bottom line.”

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