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Mutare Health, in partnership with SonarMD™, LLC, recently announced the first implementation of the SonarMD Platform, a first-of-its kind, cloud-based algorithmic process for securely engaging, monitoring and managing patients with chronic gastrointestinal disease.

Developed by Mutare CMO and noted Gastroenterologist Lawrence Kosinski, MD, MBA, the application allows physicians to monitor their patients’ health status between visits through the ongoing use of electronic health assessment surveys. Using nationally recognized evidence-based guidelines, the application applies a Patient Reported Outcomes score to each survey submission in real time, alerting the physician to potential downward trends in a patient’s condition. With early intervention, those trends can be reversed, resulting in fewer hospitalizations and enhanced overall patient care.

The first release of the SonarMD Platform has been deployed for patients with Crohn’s Disease at the Illinois Gastroenterology Group (IGG), the largest Gastroenterology practice in Illinois. As managing partner of IGG, Dr. Kosinski has been a pioneer in innovative solutions for population health management. The SonarMD Platform is an extension of that career-long commitment to the concept of data-driven care management to advance better, evidence-based decision making in the management of patients with chronic gastrointestinal disorders.

The SonarMD Platform utilizes Mutare’s HIPPA-compliant mobile messaging and patient engagement capabilities to securely deliver, retrieve, and store patient-reported data which, when processed through the SonarMD algorithms, generates a “Sonar Score,” triggering potential action alerts for both patient and physician.

“IBD affects nearly 1.6 million Americans, with as many as 70,000 new cases diagnosed every year,” says Dr. Kosinski. “Using the SonarMD Platform, practices can now more accurately assess and respond to IBD patient risks and apply evidence-based guidelines into their care pathways. What’s more, the data analysis capabilities of the SonarMD system will lead to continuous refinement of predictive care management algorithms, which means continuous improvement in patient care delivery and outcomes well into the future.”

Tracey Powell, SonarMD CEO, adds, “The release of the SonarMD Platform is a true game-changer, and we are thrilled to be launching it in partnership with one of the most respected Gastroenterology groups in the nation. We believe this is the future of population health management through physician-driven technology, and look forward to seeing the positive impact it is sure to have on IBD patients and the practices that serve them.”

Once fully implemented at IGG, the SonarMD Platform will be part of a national roll-out offered initially to practices specializing in Inflammatory Bowel Disease but with the potential of serving numerous other chronic disease populations.

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About SonarMD™

SonarMD, an Elgin Illinois based Delaware LLC, is committed to the development of Care Management Algorithms for the management of patients with chronic disease. Its leadership team combines some of the nation’s top leaders in clinical medicine with the technology strength of Mutare, Inc. Together they intend to bring the leadership and tools for providers to succeed in Population Health. For more information visit Sonarmd.com or call 847-370-8878.