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Mutare announced today the General Availability of Vital Link 2.0, the game changing smart notification system that supports 2-way secure communication, mass/group notification, and patient engagement messaging in a single closed loop platform. The system addresses the over $8 billion wasted each year by hospitals using antiquated pagers for communication as reported widely in a recent study from the Ponemon Institute.


Vital Link™

“We’re changing the game by offering a platform for communications both inside and outside the hospital. It pains me to see hospitals making a significant investment in ‘Smartphone texting’ products which are commodities in today’s market,” said Sorensen.

With the Vital Link secure client, pagers are out and clinical collaboration is in. Vital Link delivers clinicians the single device solution they demand leveraging their Smartphones and tablets to improve patient care and streamline workflow. Hospitals implementing the solution see immediate financial benefits through pager saving offsets and technology consolidation. Vital Link helps improve patient care by reducing medical errors caused by communication inefficiency and errors inherent in one-way alphanumeric paging.

Vital Link’s mass / group notification capabilities leverage phone, email, IM, SMS and social networks to streamline employee communications and improve patient safety for emergency notification, shift management, personnel recall, reminders and urgent employee communications.

“Every hospital has its own unique set of requirements so we built a robust API into the system that enables us to tailor the solution for each customer,” added Sorensen. “We have been able to quickly deliver everything from customized reporting packages to family notifications for surgical waiting room applications. We believe the platform must adapt to the needs of the hospital instead of the other way around.”

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