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Text Messaging Patients: Only One Way to Do It Right

Mutare Introduces Powerful New Texting Solution for HIPAA-Compliant, Two-way Patient Engagement.

eText browser & mobileWhile most industries have been quick to embrace cellular and Wi-Fi communication technologies to improve information flow and customer engagement, the healthcare system has been uniquely slow-moving, due primarily to compliance concerns.

With 77% of US adults now owning smart phones and 80% of those reporting that texting is their #1 communication method of choice, industries across the board are working to find ways to integrate text messaging into their customer and patient engagement strategies. This presents a particularly difficult challenge for healthcare organizations as traditional text messaging not only presents a security risk but also may violate Telephone Consumer Protection Act laws – compliance is not possible with standard SMS texting. However, notes Mike Sorensen, Vice President of Mutare Health, “With the right implementation, it is quite easy to comply with regulatory requirements.”

Towards that end, Mutare has introduced Enterprise Text, a powerful text message platform that enables individuals within healthcare organizations to engage in two-way text conversations with patients from their PC or mobile device. Conversations may be initiated by patients reaching out to the organization through any Enterprise Text-enabled number, or by clinicians or staff reaching out to the patient through the application’s web or mobile interface. Should the conversation include personal health or other sensitive information, the staff member can pivot the text to “secure messaging” mode and continue without fear of HIPAA or other privacy breaches.

Mutare’s Enterprise Text is ideal for

  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Scheduling requests
  • Patient concierge services
  • Social services contacts
  • Patient advocacy services
  • Patient referral services
  • Home healthcare/physical therapy support
  • Department-specific patient engagement


What’s more, the application records a full audit trail of the conversation and can save it to the organization’s EMR as part of that patient’s health record, assuring compliance with regulations governing PHI as well as discovery protections for the organization in the event of a dispute.

Enterprise Text can be used with existing staff phone numbers, including direct phone lines, or applied to a dedicated text-only line if required. From the simple web portal, administrators may assign or reassign numbers enabled with Enterprise Text according to the changing needs of the organization.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple mobile and web interface supports text engagement from any browser or mobile device.
  • Records a full audit trail of conversations for reporting and analysis while making sure the organization saves and maintains control of any data contained within those conversations.
  • Complements the organization’s Patient Portal strategy. When integrated with the organization’s Electronic Health Record system, Enterprise Text
    • Adds to patient records information contained within text conversations and stored to the EMR;
    • Facilitates quick review of a patient contact’s history and past conversations for more informed response to current issues;
    • Streamlines the process of directing patients to resources available within the Portal through links shared in text.
  • Can be applied to existing numbers within the organization for a single point of patient contact, or assigned to a text-only line for added security.
  • Protects the privacy of staff members, enabling them to engage in text conversations with patients on personal devices without exposing their personal phone numbers.
  • Enables management of multiple conversations at once for more efficient, productive workflow.
  • Adapts to changing organization needs through flexible admin interface. From the Enterprise Text Web portal, administrators can easily add or remove enterprise text capabilities for existing lines and assign individuals or multiple employees to manage a specific line as needs arise, resulting in a more flexible, efficient patient services operation.

For more information, call or text Mutare at 847-496-9000, or visit mutare.com/etext.