Vital Link™

Secure Messaging
Secure Messaging


There’s no stopping BYOD use. It’s a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective strategy. That is, until a privacy breach occurs. Texts between physicians or emails to patients are not inherently HIPAA compliant.

With Vital Link™, not only is BYOD use encouraged, but every correspondence between patients and care providers follows HIPAA rules and regulations. Vital Link™ gives clinicians the power to collaborate across various channels from a single device without risk of HIPAA infringement. And as regulations change to address emerging technologies, no other platform is better designed to grow and adapt like Vital Link™.

Vital Link™: Experience The Confidence Of Secure Collaboration

  • Fully encrypted communication between Vital Link users as well as out of network guests
  • Securely share photos, video, audio and file attachments within a conversation
  • Guaranteed message delivery with tracking through Wi-Fi or cellular networks
  • Lower operating costs vs. antiquated paging systems
  • Multi-media messaging and integration into existing IT systems
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Spectralink smartphones and tablets