The Solution


Enterprise Text™ gives your customers and clients a single point of contact and a more personalized experience.

The Mutare Enterprise Text Difference

Illinois-based Mutare. Inc., recently released Enterprise Text, a true business-grade text application that supports two-way text conversations between employees and customers while protecting the organization’s professionalism, privacy, and control over the entire text communication process.

Protected Two-way Text Conversations from Any Business Number, Managed from Any Employee’s PC or Mobile Devices

Mutare’s Enterprise Text enables individuals within the organization to engage in two-way text conversations from their PC or mobile device through the application’s web-based interface or mobile client. Unlike other applications that require a new number for text conversations, Mutare’s Enterprise Text can be applied to any business phone number, including an employee’s direct phone line. Any text message received by their office number will appear on their PC and mobile client through their Enterprise Text application. Employee text replies back to the customer will be identified by that business number.

If the conversation includes personal health, financial, or other sensitive information, the employee representative can pivot the conversation to “secure” mode and continue without risk of HIPAA or other privacy breaches. The application additionally includes a switch to “after hours” response mode which sends a personalized auto reply to text messages that come in after normal working hours.

Enterprise Text gives your customers and clients a single point of contact and a more personalized experience for both voice and text conversations. What’s more, it provides clear separation between business and personal messaging for mobile employees who can now use their personal devices for business purposes without risk of exposing their personal phone numbers. Messages can include links as well as file attachments so customers get what they need in a single text conversation. The result is swift and seamless engagement and issue resolution, as well as a positive customer experience.

Simple Interface for Multiple Conversation Management

Both the Web and Mobile Enterprise Text interfaces provide a summary view of all active conversations highlighting those that have unread messages. Employees and agents can quickly see and respond to incoming messages from multiple conversations, and then easily remove the conversation from view once it has ended.

ET InterfaceData Storage and Integration

Enterprise Text records a full audit trail of conversations for reporting, compliance and analysis, assuring adherence to established professional protocols while making sure the organization saves and maintains control of any data contained within those conversations. Additionally, the application can be integrated with an organization’s CRM, EMR, or other electronic data management system for quick access to customer contact/account information as well as a history of past text conversations.

Complements Call Center/Team Operations

From the Enterprise Text Web portal, Administrators can easily assign groups of employees outside of your contact center to handle customer text messages, resulting in a more flexible, efficient and expanded customer service operation.

Who Should Consider Enterprise Text

Enterprise Text is ideal for organizations such as

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Consulting
  • Customer Service/Call Center

or any other organization/internal department that handles direct customer/client/patient relationships.