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June 10, 2015, Rolling Meadows IL….. Mutare, Inc., announced a new release for Vital Link 3.0, adding greater flexibility, speed, and ease of use to the messaging platform’s Mass Notification capabilities.

New for Vital Link 3.1:

Quick Launch

In the event of an emergency, every second counts. The Vital Link Quick Launch feature allows administrators to choose from a set of scenarios represented by icons and, with a single click or touch, launch a multi-channel alert to a targeted group of recipients. Primarily developed for the healthcare environment, each Quick Launch button represents a Time Sensitive Diagnosis (TSD) situation where quick, coordinated response is essential for a successful outcome. Examples include patient surge, code STEMI, stroke, or trauma cases. Non-healthcare TSD examples appropriate for Quick Launch include chemical releases/spills, shelter in place, weather alerts and evacuations.

Quick Launch options can be customized for the specific needs of each organization.

Vital Link™

Quick Link to Conference Call

Users can now quickly add a click-to-call conference call number to a group notification by selecting from a simple drop-down menu for easy ad-hoc meetings by phone.

Added Support for SNPP Paging

In addition to multi-channel message delivery by phone, email, SMS text, RSS feed, IM and social media, Vital Link mass notification can be integrated with numerous external messaging systems such as message boards, public address systems and pagers. Vital Link 3.1 is now capable of delivering alerts for organizations that use Simple Network Paging Protocol for pager support.

Dynamic List Creation

Vital Link is routinely used to mobilize a team of employees for a specific purpose, such as responding to an emergency or critical issue. With 3.1, a message can be sent to all potential candidates asking for availability and, from the positive replies, select a preferred team with just a click on the names. The Vital Link System will send those individuals a confirmation, and all others a notice that the need has been met.

Extended Response Choices

Mutare has expanded the selection of responses available to message recipients (i.e. Available, Available On-Site, Available Off-Site, Available by Phone) to accommodate the possible scenarios for more complex or de-centralized organizations. Response types can be customized to meet the specific configuration of each organization.

“When Mutare revealed its major new Vital Link 3.0 release just a few months ago, we promised that it would be the foundation for ongoing enhancements and exciting new capabilities in the coming year,” says Mike Sorensen, President, Mutare Health. “3.1 is just the beginning, and comes as a result of Mutare’s close relationships with our customers and responsiveness to their needs. We do not think of Vital Link as just another messaging application. It is really a whole new way of doing business, allowing our customers to make decisions and respond faster, better, and smarter.”

Per Mutare policy, customers under support are entitled to a free upgrade when new versions of their applications are released. “That is just another way Mutare delivers on its promise of helping our customers operate more cost effectively and out-perform their competitors,” says Sorensen.
For more information about Vital Link or other advanced Mutare applications, visit www.mutarehealth.com.

About Vital Link

Vital Link™ is an integrated enterprise messaging solution that combines secure 2-way messaging, group/mass notification and customer engagement tools in a single, easy-to-navigate platform for critical healthcare, government and business applications. Vital Link leverages smartphone technology, eliminating the need for carrying multiple devices, and supports broadcast communications, database integration, and closed loop tracking and reporting. The Vital Link platform can be deployed in the Mutare cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid manner, and can be integrated with existing CRM, EMR/EHR or other business management systems for enhanced capabilities.

About Mutare

Mutare creates innovative software that makes communication easy, secure and efficient, with solutions for speech to text transcription, smart notification, smart chat, contact centers and more. For more information visit us at www.mutare.com or www.mutarehealth.com.