Harness The Power Of A Proven End-To-End Communications Solution

Better care delivery, lower costs, and improved patient engagement starts with better communication. Vital Link™ from Mutare Health is specifically designed to give physicians, Healthcare personnel, and patients a single-source platform for all their messaging and communication needs.

Vital Link™ combines the functionality of HIPAA-compliant two-way messaging, mass/group notifications, and patient engagement tools into one simple and cost-effective application. Vital Link™ improves patient care by reducing the medical errors caused by communication inefficiencies—solving many of the financial, technological, and regulatory compliance problems faced by today’s hospitals.

See What Vital Link™ Can Do For You

HIPAA Secure, Multimodal Communications Platform; Seamlessly Integrates into Existing EMRs

Vital Link™

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Secure Mobile Collaboration



Closed loop encrypted communication to and between mobile devices. 

Replaces one-way paging.

Securely share photos and file attachments.

Includes reporting analytics for regulatory compliance.

Mass/Group Notification



Rapid mass notification for groups large and small.

Issue evacuation, shelters in place, patient surge code alerts and staffing requests.

Full reporting, real-time dashboards and message acknowledgment status.

Patient Engagement

(Remind, Confirm, Survey)


Supports reminders, surgery center status alerts and push notifications.

Engage patients/families with post-discharge surveys/instructions.

Integrates with EMR and other data management systems.