Client Interaction and Support are Critical to Mutare Health

Client Services at Mutare Health:

  • Single point of contact with the customer for day to day activity, feedback and follow-up
  • Manage the implementation, rollout and effective use of our products and services at the customer site
  • Drives adoption and utilization by facilitating effective and ongoing end user training
  • Coordinates the activities of the Mutare Operations team and the customer during implementation
  • Schedules and executes customer upgrades and custom projects
  • Watches trends and gathers feedback on challenges/ barriers to effective product use
  • Provides training and documentation to align with goals and client objectives
  • Works with Product Development team to identify unique, high value and reproducible opportunities for product enhancements
  • Liaison between the Operations, Product Development teams and the customer. Facilitates conversations with customer to identify high value use cases and help determine feasibility by conducting the necessary due diligence


  • Complete all development and Engineering for solution deployments
  • Administrator and End User training
  • Day 2 technical support
  • Upgrade support
  • Custom application development