Primary Care Physicians are faced with a challenge when requesting a consultation from a specialist who is outside his or her sphere of expertise. Will the patient follow through? Will the specialist fully understand the issue to be addressed? Will the specialist then follow up appropriately with the primary physician and in a timely manner?

Potential breakdowns in communication throughout the consultation or referral process can result in confusion, duplication of services and even serious medical error that can be detrimental to the patient and costly to the practice.

Mutare Health is working with organizations to create integrations with platforms such as Cloverleaf and various EHR systems to help manage the consultation process. With Vital Link™, key alerts to consulting physicians can be sent, responses tracked and the communication path can be closed. Moreover, all data and information is saved for reporting purposes.


  • Streamlined closed loop communication process between referring and consulting physician assures continuity of care

  • Better patient engagement and follow-through, resulting in more timely care delivery and better care outcomes

  • Improved patient satisfaction through clear communication support and direction
    Reporting capabilities assures accountability and supports CMS compliance

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