There’s no stopping BYOD use. It’s a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective strategy. That is, until a privacy breach occurs. Emails or texts to patients are not inherently HIPAA compliant.

With Vital Link™, not only is BYOD use encouraged, but every correspondence between patients and care providers follows HIPAA rules and regulations. Vital Link™ gives patients the power to play a bigger role in their individual care by ensuring the delivery of critical medical information. And as regulations change to address emerging technologies, no other platform is better designed to grow and adapt like Vital Link™.

Vital Link™: Experience The Confidence Of Secure Collaboration

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets
  • Securely share photos and file attachments within a conversation 
  • Guaranteed message delivery with tracking through Wi-Fi or cellular networks
  • Lower operating costs vs. antiquated paging systems
  • Multi-media messaging and integration into existing IT systems