What We Do


Vital Link™ empowers team collaboration through optimized workflows configured to meet specific needs.

Moving Healthcare Forward with Healthier Communications

Healthcare organizations are uniquely vulnerable to communication breakdowns, and current tools are becoming too cumbersome to fix the problem. With increased pressure on Healthcare organizations to deliver cost-effective, outcome-based patient care, Mutare Health developed a single-platform communications solution designed to help organizations achieve better care delivery, lower costs, and improved patient engagement while meeting all HIPAA standards.

The Platform

Vital Link™ is specifically designed to give physicians, Healthcare personnel, and patients a HIPAA compliant, single-source platform for all of their messaging and communication needs.

The Promise

By securely connecting people and health information in meaningful and measurable ways, Vital Link™ empowers team collaboration through optimized workflows configured to meet specific needs.

The Partnership

Tapping into the potential software solutions hold for Healthcare organizations is an ongoing process. That’s why Mutare Health is working closely with Healthcare leaders to innovate and integrate technology in ways that positively impacts business and patient outcomes.